MidMatch is a separate liquidity pool where institutional clients can offset risk with one another at the Fastmatch mid-point, minimizing signaling risk and information leakage.

MidMatch is designed to facilitate the crossing of larger orders without revealing information to the market pre-or post-trade. The liquidity pool is open to both bank and non-bank clients including real-money and hedge funds with all participants being governed by transparent rules of engagement.

Improved Risk Management Use MidMatch as an additional method to risk manage your FX flow against natural offsetting interest in an environment where participants are governed by transparent rules of engagement

Reduced signalling risk – MidMatch orders are not displayed on the public order book or market data feeds allowing you to offset natural interest without signaling to the market

Lower Brokerage Costs – Volume traded through MidMatch contributes to the client’s overall volumes helping them benefit from FastMatch’s transparent sliding commission structure

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Seamless Integration – MidMatch is instantly available to existing FastMatch clients. No additional integration is necessary and clients can use their existing connectivity, credit and legal solutions